Sacrocurse reveal song ‘Herethical Catharsis’ from coming EP

Spreading aural terror since 2012, today Mexican black/death machine Sacrocurse are unveiling their new composition ‘Herethical Catharsis‘ which can be found on their forthcoming EP Supreme Terror. Shadow Records from Sweden will take care of the release which is due on 20 January 2021.

Sacrocurse is the brain child of Mexican musician ZK, an active member of the metal scene since the early-’90s when he started playing in the band Unholier. Apart from being active in various other underground bands, ZK is currently also smashing the bass for the Russian black/death band Pseudogod on stage. Until now, ZK has released two albums – Unholier Master (2014) and Gnostic Holocaust (2017) – and various smaller releases under the banner of Sacrocurse. The coming EP Supreme Terror – coming via Shadow Records (distributed by Regain Records) – is Sacrocurse’s latest offering and will darken the sun on 20 January 2021. The first single ‘Herethical Catharsis‘ can now be listened to here.

Supreme Terror features four songs with a total length of 17 minutes, and as one can already discern from the song titles, there ain’t much fancy dancy stuff going on during this quarter of an hour. Sacrocurse jump straight to the point and aim at blasting your head free of any useless thoughts.

Supreme Terror tracklist:
01. Herethical Catharsis
02. Man Became Curse
03. Temple Is Open
04. From Genesis To Revelations

More information about this unholy rite can be found on the Facebook of the Mexican tank.

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