Ireland’s Invictus Productions have set March 31 as the release date of the “Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth” CD from Swedish evil force REVEAL. The album has previously been issued on vinyl only through Germany’s High Roller Records and after a lengthy negotiation with the band, Invictus secured the rights to the CD release worldwide.


Reveal’s bassman Viusiudad told ZT the band are nothing but chuffed about the deal: “As a band, to have the debut treated properly makes for a strong foundation, and this renaissance of ours might end up a very electric and destructive structure.
We’re very pleased to be working with Darragh and Invictus. It is a great label driven by honest ambition, along with artistic freedom and a good amount of patience. The Nocturne will certainly have an impact on the ones that wants to, and are unbound enough; our take on the same 400 year old rock-current that influenced and changed so many.
It is what it is and nothing besides, but there might shine through a bit of The Cramps, Mayhem, Black Hole, Katharsis, Master’s Hammer and a good amount of The Doors”.


The band will hopefully be doing shows in Europe with Negative Plane later in 2012.

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