OriginExtremely technical death metallers Origin have their new album ready. Omnipresent will be released on on 4 July 2014 in Europe through Agonia Records, 8 July 2014 in North America via Nuclear Blast.


Formed in 1997 in Kansas, Origin take speed and complexity to new levels with each release. New album Omnipresent was recorded with longtime producer/engineer Robert Rebeck at Chapman Recording and was mixed and mastered by Colin Marston. Colin Marks (Nevermore, Aborted and more) took care of the artwork once more.


“A culmination of 15 years of technical death metal brutality, Omnipresent transcends definition,”  states the band. “From light speed to absolute zero it is a journey to the farthest reaches of the universe to the darkest nether of the mind. We are everywhere and nowhere. We are omnipresent.”


Omnipresent marks Origin’s first album to feature Jason Keyser (ex-Skinless), who has been touring with the band as their vocalist since the release of Entity.  “Origin records albums in a somewhat masochistic, chaotic, and senseless fashion,” comments drummer John Longstreth. “It’s our best trick, and we need the best guy for our best trick, so that’s why we have Jason. He’s had two years of hard road work with the band and we know he’s the guy… For those that weren’t aware, Origin recorded Entity as a trio without a proper vocalist, so we are very excited to have Jason in to do what a proper vocalist is supposed to do.”


Jason Keyser speaks of the album: “The title of the album, Omnipresent, works perfectly with the artwork in the way that omnipresence does not come from expanding to new worlds and growing as a species, but only through being whittled down to a last living being alone in the universe. The final failed experiment of life has no comparison, it is the most powerful, only through our sentient extinction can we finally understand some sliver of godhood.”


Origin also shot a video for the song Manifest Desolate from Omnipresent.



Omnipresent track listing:


01. All Things Dead


03. Permanence

04. Manifest Desolate

05. Absurdity of What I Am

06. Source of Icon O

07. Continuum

08. Unattainable Zero

09. Redistribution of Filth

10. Obsolescence

11. Malthusian Collapse

12. The Indiscriminate

13. Kill Yourself (S.O.D. cover song)

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