Seminal atmospheric black metal duo Wolves In The Throne Room have made the announcement that their new album, Celestite, will be completely devoid of drums and vocals and acts as the companion piece to their 2011 release Celestial Lineage. 


Not willing to rest on their laurels, Wolves In The Throne Room have decided to aim for a completely new direction for their upcoming new album Celestite. The announcement came late yesterday, with the Weaver brothers stating that the new record the record would rely more on “Eno-inspired analog processing and arcane acoustic instrumentation”, including contributions from a variety of instruments including French horn, trombone and flute, and is “an unorthodox foray; a fully instrumental, experimental companion record to Celestial Lineage.”


They also elaborated further on how this process went about itself, saying, “To make Celestite, we delved into the subterranean sonics that are buried in the mix of Celestial Lineage. We isolated them, processed them and took this unearthed soundscape as our starting point. Upon this base we recorded an entirely new album. Some melodies from Celestial Lineage are recognizable, but these familiar sounds appear as ghosts, barely tethered to the original compositions.”


Finally though, for those of you that are worried this may be a permanent change, Wolves were quick to reassure that they “[have] not permanently abandoned the guitar and drums! We sense that one day — perhaps sooner, perhaps later — we will be inspired to return to our stacks of amplifiers and cabinets to create new music.”


Celestite will be released later this year, through the band’s new Diadem Records setup.


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