Boasting signings like Mystic Circle, Messiah and King Diamond, Massacre Records is a behemoth of an independent record label and today, proudly announced that they have signed the Polish symphonic black metal outfit, Luna Ad Noctum. This is just in time to release the band’s fourth album, Hypnotic Inferno on 23 February 2013.


From Wałbrzych, Poland, the band have been playing metal for 14 years now and are “very optimistic and happy of the fact that after all those years playing metal, finally we have been given a great opportunity to cooperate with professionals who shall take care about real promotion for LAN.”


The band is also proud that the “new album shall stand in the line next to: King Diamond, Agathodaimon, Sinister, Legion of the Damned, Catamenia, etc.”


For the uninitiated, here are some of the band’s tracks to listen to in anticipation of the new stuff: Dismiss in Me | Traitor of Sadness and Grief


Luna Ad Noctum is:
AN6 – Vocals, Bass
T.Infamous – Guitar
Blasphemo – Guitar
Dragor – Drums


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