By The Patient, the death metal powerhouse from Copenhagen Denmark, have released the video for ‘Veil of Depression,’ the third track of their sophomore album ‘Premonitions’, yesterday.


With their usual blend of sludgey death metal, the new video doesn’t bring down any artistic walls or break into radically new ground, but it does go with the song awesomely.


“The lyrics are based on the short story ‘Hosekræmmeren’ by S.S. Bilcher”. The story is about a girl, who falls into insanity. By bringing more smoke than a Terminal Gods show (they practically fumigate the Camden Barfly) they show the clouding of the girl’s mind, or maybe I’m reading too much into it. Either way it’s a cool effect and an awesome song.


‘Premonitions’ was out in September on Deathbound records, if you’re a fan of brutal sludge death check it out.


You can watch the video on YouTube.

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