Matt Pike, the stoner rock pioneer of Sleep and High on Fire, recently had one of his Les Paul guitars stolen out of a studio in the group’s hometown of Oakland, California.  This specific Les Paul (detailed below) has been used by Pike since his Sleep days, and has appeared on all of his musical endeavors, as well as live shows, and should appear familiar to most fans.


The guitar is a 1992 Gibson Les Paul, with a tobacco burst finish, having the serial number of 92462499.  Noticable features of this guitar include the name “Jimmy” on the truss rod cover on the neck of the guitar and a large blemish on the body, between the pickups and right above the strings, caused by Pike’s unique playing style.  The guitar’s electronics are Matt Pike’s own signature LACE pickups, and the strap is screwed into the guitar using washers to hold it in place (instead of strap locks).  The case is an SKB brand with “PIKE” spraypainted on one of the corners.  According to a posting on Sleep’s official Facebook, the spraypaint used to label the case is designed to adhere to plastic, and removing the tag would result in a heavily sanded area, or a large amount of paint over the marking.


Everyone is encouraged to keep an eye on Ebay and Craigslist to locate this guitar.  However, the user of Sleep’s official Facebook page has stated that “often the people buying stolen equipment are fooled into buying it and have no idea it’s stolen. Thieves sell to those they can convince to buy. If you see someone with Matt’s guitar, don’t assume it is the person that actually stole it. They may be completely unaware that it’s stolen and may not have any idea who Matt is.”


Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the guitar are to contact either or  Additional photos of the guitar, its case, and of Pike himself playing it, can all be seen on Sleep’s Facebook page.

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