A pictorial book going behind-the-scenes of Master mainman Paul Speckmann’s career will be released later this year, a provisional release-date has been set for the veteran’s birthday on September 28th. The lord of gutter growls provided ZT with some intel:


“Enni from Skullcrusher Dresden e.V. approached me with this idea a few weeks ago! One of his colleagues put together a fictitious cover of the book, although I like it very much and we posted it [see above]. The interest was overwhelming so it looks as though the book will be released. A German company called ‘White Light’ will be releasing the book.


“This is clearly a pictorial book and will feature as many unreleased photos as I can possibly find. At the moment I am contacting fans and professionals across the world searching for photos along with my already rather large collection.”


A German, as well as English, edition of the book will be published: “The Germans are clearly into Master and have always been supportive of my career and the publisher is a German so this makes perfect sense to me. If there is a big enough demand then we will publish it in other languages as well.”


A Zero Tolerance sponsored show will take place in London on the 6th of April.


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