Lumbar, a new doom group featuring members of Yob, Tad and Roareth, have begun the promotion of their upcoming debut album The First And The Last Days Of Unwelcome with ‘Day Six’ being made available for streaming.


‘Day Six’ is, aptly, the sixth track on the album and the first track made available for streaming from Lumbar’s debut, which has a release scheduled for the 12th of November through Southern Lord records and is at your disposal through both The Obelisk and the band’s Bandcamp page.


The record was apparently influenced by project leader Aaron Edge’s (of Roareth) struggle with multiple sclerosis, which he expands upon in his interview with The Obelisk, stating “every day of my first issues was so much of a blur – to take you back, I was in bed for 40 days straight. In pain and only able to get up and out of bed just to use the restroom and try and stretch my feet and legs, and then I just went back in bed”.

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