Lantlôs: third time lucky

Lantlôs’ second album, “.neon”, has only just been released yet the duo, consisting of Herbst and Alcest frontman Neige, are already showing signs of restlessness. The new issue of ZT features an interview about their new release and the ink is only just dry, yet tomorrow – July 23 to be precise – will see these workaholics enter Germany’s Iheartsound studio to record their third album.

“I think with our new album we’ll tread new paths for Lantlôs, both musically and conceptually,” says Herbst of the band’s new material. “In general, the upcoming album will be very vanguard and rather unaccessible and the black metal vibe will be gone almost entirely. Still the record will be much darker than its predecessors, nihilistic and strange. It’ll be bulky, ugly and will feed off its listeners.”

If you want to assure yourself of the parasitic qualities of Lantlôs’ next album, you’ll need to be patient. The yet untitled album is at the moment scheduled for a 2011 release. Meanwhile, you could do a lot worse than check out ‘.neon’ and read what they have to say about it in the new edition of Zero Tolerance Magazine. Now, please excuse us while we find a chance to catch up…

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