There’s a lot to be proud of when it comes to extreme music in the UK these days and ‘kin Hell Fest happens to be showcasing a significant lot of it this very weekend. Mixing it up between death, grind, black, sludge, doom, and whatever else would leave any lowest common denominator metal fan confused and afraid, the weekend is a healthy balance of established bands like Winterfylleth, Palehorse, Flayed Disciple, Man Must Die, Cancerous Womb, Kastrated, The Afternoon Gentlemen, and The Day Man Lost alongside plenty of up-and-comers like Foetal Juice, Gout, Corrupt Moral Altar, Wode, Iron Witch, Regurgitate Life, and the list goes on.


Oh, and Dutch goregrind legends ROMPEPROP are headlining Saturday. ROMPEPROP!


Come sample the goods and support our burgeoning little scene at The Templeworks this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Leeds. If you buy your tickets tonight or early tomorrow you can still get ’em on the cheap. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


Weekend tickets available for £35 (£39 on the door)
Individual day tickets are also available at £9 (£10 otd), £16 (£17 otd) and £11 (£13 otd)


All the information about the bands, cheapest hotels, crash space at Eiger Studios, tickets, venue, map and more is at http://www.kinhellfest.webs.com/


Friday times:- 6.00pm till 2am (bands 6.30pm until 12.30pm)
Saturday times:- 11.30am till 2am (bands 12pm until 12.30am)
Sunday times:- 11.30am till 11pm (bands 12pm until 11pm)

Thanks for dropping in!

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