Issue 102 Summer 2021

Issue 102 Summer 2021

And here we are, issue 102! It arrives alongside the news that England, at least, is coming out of all Covid restrictions, to which we all gave a massive sigh of relief… of course. Who knows, the big smile on your face as you pick this up on the newsstand and take it to the checkout may not need to be hidden under a flimsy patch of fabric. I dunno though, I’m still holding my breath, but let’s hope that the promise of getting back some of our liberty isn’t so shortlived that by the time you get to the till your specs keep steaming up, making it even more infuriating as you fumble around trying to separate the two sides of a plastic bag, causing you to mumble expletives as you throw this tome down in the bagging area… exasperated… only to realise you’re being regarded suspiciously by someone at the next till along sporting a bright yellow hazmat suit…. But I digress.

The other tangible good news is that we are able to welcome Swedish legends At The Gates to this issue’s cover! We were lucky enough to have them on the cover back in 2014 when they reformed, but a proper catch up is in order as it’s fair to say that a lot has happened since then – and in AtG’s case, the arrival of their new full-length album, The Nightmare Of Being (pretty apt title, right?) marks another high point in their existence. Despite it being met with slightly mixed views so far here at ZT, it’s obviously still very good as it’s managed to win the issue’s soundcheck, and that’s not easy as we’re a picky bunch. José Carlos Santos didn’t get caught up in any negative conversations, choosing instead to settle down to a lengthy chat with AtG’s chosen representative, Mr Tomas “Tompa” Lindberg… The fruits of this conversation can be found on pages 010-015. But really, as well as AtG, you’re spoilt for choice – the net has been cast far and wide as you’ll discover when you read on. So, enjoy the issue and we’ll see you with the next one in September. Publication dates, subscriptions and all sorts of other stuff is available on our website – Keep it bookmarked as that’s where we post anything related to ZT first.

Lisa Macey

Issue 102 is also available digitally – complete with the covermount CD embedded, so you won’t miss out on the audio. Perfect for those unable to get to the shops, or for those who simply prefer to read their magazines in this newfangled and mysterious way. Visit to buy a single copy or to make a saving by subscribing for six issues. Issue 102 will be available to buy digitally from 20 July 2021.

CD covermount tracklist 16 tracks including new music from Ænigmatum, Crippled Black Phoenix, Hooded Menace, Gravesend, Lykhaeon and more!

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Cover Feature At The Gates

Go Ahead And Die | Pestilemce | Amenra | Hooded Menace | Crypta | Fear Factory | Vincent Crowley | Xasthur | Suidakra | Desaster | Impaled Nazarene | Mordred | Cosmo Jones Bat Machine

Altars Of Madness | Underground Death Metal
Grave Miasma | Fetid Zombie | Ophidian I | Cerebral Rot | Diskord | Diabolizer | Perilaxe Occlusion | Fluids |
Nephren Ka

Notes From Underground | Italian Black Metal
Hiems | Kult | Laetitia In Holocaust

A Funeral Inquest | The Doom Repository
High n’ Heavy | Sun Crow | Robots Of The Ancient World

Dark Entries | Experimental Sounds
Leila Abdul-Rauf | Raison d’Etre | Det Kätterska Förbund

Rapid Fire | Short Sharp Shocks!
The Absence | Vouna | Zgard | Killing | Inhuman Condition | Vulture Lord | Eradicator | Urne | Tragedy & Triumph | Wormwood | Grisly | Starforger | Ereb Altor | Dirty Black Summer | De Arma | White Ward | Molis Sepulchrum | Lantlos | Heathen Deity | Wallowing | Larvae

Reviews & Release Of The Issue

Inside Information | Behind The Scenes
Label Profile
Krucyator Records
Call From The Grave Order From Chaos
Artist Profile Carol Aldrighi

by Carol Aldrighi, this issue’s featured artist

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