Issue 100 Spring 2021

100 Spring 2021

100 issues. A milestone, to be sure, and with only six issues a year it’s taken a lot of years to get here. It’s true to say that we’re all a bit longer in the tooth, wizened and, if you’re like me, your eyesight is now shite – yes, you find yourself cursing at small type, forgetting momentarily that remembering to wear your spectacles is a truly useful habit to get into – and your tinnitus from years of aural abuse teeters on the verge of becoming seriously fecking annoying… Anyway, tangent aside, I say ‘we’re all’, because if there’s one thing I am truly happy about after all these years of publication, it’s that many of the writers who started out with us in our formative years are still deeply involved in every issue, and that really is very pleasing. We’re equally as pleased to have been able to welcome new writers along the way, and as we’ve reached this 100 issue milestone, as cheesy as it might sound, I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated and unpretentious bunch of people to work with every issue. Thank you all. Likewise, it’s a healthy a sign that so many of the bands and labels we worked with during our early days and over the years are still going strong – it’s really a privilege to be able to keep telling their stories through our pages.

But, where would we be without you, our readers? Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool subscriber, or you’re the frivolous type who likes to dip a toe in and out as and when, if there weren’t so many of you fanning extreme music flames we’d have been resigned to the tomb of noughties nostalgia a long while ago. Your readership is the reason we exist and it is an honour to put this wodge of paper together for you every couple of months; it goes without saying that we’re looking forward to continuing to provide you with many more issues over the coming years.

Anyway, I’m not one for blowing self-congratulatory trumpets, and a number’s a number. 100. Great, let’s get on with number 101. Also, given the crushing impact covid has had so far on music and many livelihoods related to it, I decided to veer away from reams of overrated nostalgic waffle and a rehash of best bits from past issues (maybe we should do a digital compilation of those?), instead choosing to shoehorn in as many current bands as we possibly could in the given space – with the results evidenced below! That’s not to say that we haven’t put on a special anniversary spread for you – oh we have, thanks to former editor, Mr Calum Harvie and Darkthrone’s Fenriz – who is clearly such a fun party guest that he seems to frequently receive invitations to join us on the cover to mark special moments – issue 001, our 10th anniversary and now for our 100th edition. We’re very pleased to welcome him back. Mustn’t forget to mention that we’ve published our Writers‘ 2020 Top 20s on our site, Till issue 101…

Lisa Macey

Issue 100 is also available digitally – complete with the covermount CD embedded, so you won’t miss out on the audio. Perfect for those unable to get to the shops, or for those who simply prefer to read their magazines in this newfangled way. Visit to buy a single copy or to make a saving by subscribing for six issues. Issue 100 will be available to buy digitally on 3 March 2021.

CD covermount tracklist 16 tracks including new music from Wode, Mork, Nightfall, Wheel and many more…

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Cover Feature Darkthrone

Wode | Mork | Lunar Shadow | Fuath | Nightfall | White Void | Empyrium | The Crown | Enforced |
Genghis Tron | The Limit | Eyehategod | Decomposed | Valdaudr / Inflabitan

Notes From Underground | Iranian Black Metal
Lavizan Jangal | Ardawahisht Kollective: Erancnoir | Forelunar | Urnscent

Altars Of Madness | Underground Death Metal
Baest | Korpse | Sanguisugabogg

A Funeral Inquest | The Doom Repository
Soothsayer | Spelljammer | Fuoco Fatuo

Dark Entries | Experimental Sounds
Kammerheit | Nine Is The Level | Senyawa

Rapid Fire | Short Sharp Shocks!
Culted | Aara | Xeper | Cryptosis | Thron | Phlebotomized | Varmia | Alkerdeel | Coffin Mulch | Relentless Aggression | Trillionaire | Witherfall | Iotunn | Rezet | Significant Point | Convulse | Cryfemal | La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio | Hypnos | Könnigreichssaal | Five The Hierophant | Detrius

Reviews & Release Of The Issue

Inside Information | Behind The Scenes
Artist Profile
Mar. A
Call From The Grave Dark Angel

Pic: Reports are in of Abbath entering the studio…in serious mode we see…

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