Back in 2004 we were busy working on issue 003 of the magazine in the ZT shed, when I got an out-of-the-blue phone call from my big brother: ‘Yeah, I’m with Lemmy, in the pub – he says hello and that he’s happy to help you out with an interview for the mag…’ – click, brrrrrrrrrrrr…. ‘Hello? Hello… Neil, are you there? Shit. What’s he on? Does he mean Lemmy Kilmister…’

I hadn’t seen let alone spoken to my brother in ages. I hadn’t planned an interview with Lemmy – he wasn’t an easy man to get press time with – but a chance meeting between one maverick and another, in a pub, led to my brother’s debut – and only ever piece – for Zero Tolerance Magazine, but also Lemmy’s only appearance in the magazine with an interview. And what’s refreshingly different about it from so many other interviews – as short as it might be – is the fact that it really does reflect the off-the-wall nature of their meeting, and Lemmy circa. 2004.

When we were finishing up on the design that issue, I got in touch with Lemmy’s press contact for a promo shot to support the piece and he was like, ‘Woooah, you’ve got a bit of an exclusive there! Lemmy’s not doing press at the moment, he just turned down The Sun…’.

As a little tribute to the now late but always great Lemmy Kilmister, we’re making this interview available again here. We can’t open the files we created the magazine in a decade ago, but here’s a scanned version. If you click on it, you should be able to zoom in and read it just fine.

Lisa Macey, publisher/editor.

R.I.P Lemmy Kilmister. 1945-2015.
Thank you for the music.




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