US, North Carolina doom rockers Hour Of 13 have released a brand new track (titled “Lucky Bones”) from their forthcoming album, which is due to be released in 2012 via UK’s Earache Records.


In an exclusive statement for ZT the band’s vocalist Phil Swanson commented: “Chad and I are excited to announce writing and recording is done on the new Hour of 13 record to be titled ‘333’ that should be out the first quarter of 2012 on Earache Records.


In some respects this album was as easy as it was difficult to write. When faced with the reality of sitting down to put it together it came fairly quickly, but in the months leading up to it there seemed to be allot of pressure and fear that ideas wouldn’t come, personally I was considering reaching out for help in putting the lyrics together and wasn’t sure I would be able to gather my thoughts or come up with anything new to offer. In the end once I sat down with the record I was able to get it all on paper and tape within a very short time. Once the ideas came they came in a flood.


I think it was sitting there in our subconscious just waiting for us to get the headspace to let it out.


The concepts here are far removed from the controversial ideas on the first 2 records. I know Chad always wanted to do something more obscure than I was offering and since this was my second time back I figure I’d attempt to oblige him with a more serious effort, steering clear of the shock value gimmick of the past. So in some respects this is much more serious heavy metal record.


Musically, there is a lot more variation throughout this record, lots of upbeat tempos and atmospheric pages that make a record out of songs like the arrangements found in ‘Missing Girl’ and’ Crawlspace’ plus a couple of less familiar moments that bring new elements into fold. Lots of NWOBHM, doom and deathrock flavor… yum! Yes everyone wants to say their new record is their best yet, but I honestly feel I can say with complete confidence this is our finest ‘hour’!”


The new song is available for audition at THIS LOCATION.

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