Fire up the grow kit, kids: this spring, for the first time ever, Hawkwind are going to be playing the whole of their head-friendly 1975 album Warrior on the Edge of Time live and in full.


In a post on their website, the veteran guitar-wielding psychonauts revealed that they’ll be performing Warrior as part of their headlining set at the charmingly-named HawkEaster festival, which is taking place in Seaton in Devon on the 30th and 31st of March.


Die-hard Space Ritual nuts might find it hard to believe but Warrior on the Edge of Time is Hawkwind’s most successful record to date, the album having made it all the way to number 13 in the charts back when it was first released.


It’s also the last of Hawkwind’s early-era psyche records to feature the hypnotically heavy sound of the band’s “classic” line-up (AKA the one with Lemmy in it).


Yes, the wart-sporting bassist and future Motorhead main-main got the boot shortly after its release, leaving Hawkwind sounding like a cleaner, cheerier and altogether different band on Warrior’s 1976 follow-up Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music.


But Lemmy won’t be guesting with Hawkwind at the fest; instead, Warrior’s going to be performed by the band’s current line-up of Dave Brock, Tim Blake, Richard Chadwick, Mr. Dibs and Niall Hone.

Which is no bad thing, as Hawkwind are quite the exquisite little psychedelic circus live these days, and Warrior boasts some absolutely barnstorming tracks like Assault and Battery and Kings of Speed. Should be fun, “man”.


Words} Tom Cole

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