Black-Doom-Drone-Death-Sludge. The Gilead Media Music Festival is happening once again on 18-20 July 2014 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Weekend passes for the all-ages all-metal event went on sale 2 February and are limited at 500.


Several bands from the 20+ that have confirmed include: Ash Borer, False, Inter Arma, Loss, Northless, Protestant, a Thou + The Body collaboration set, Lychgate, Barghest, Hell and Mutilation Rites.


Gilead Media, a DIY record label formed in 2005, is basically run by one guy – Adam Bartlett, and he cites “art that challenges the mind”, Rush and Johnny Cash as influences. Bartlett has hand-selected every band for this festival based on his personal connections with them and has all the slots filled, quote, “Unless you’re Neurosis and willing to play a tiny music fest in Wisconsin.”


Tickets for the festival are said to be 25% already sold, so, check out the rest of the bone-crushing lineup and order those weekend passes on the Gilead Media website. Also, there are a couple of area hotels in on the festivities offering special discounts for attendees, they are listed below the ticket ordering link.

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