On the 19th March 2013, David ‘Blackmoon’ Parland passed away at 42.  There is not much more to say, it fucking sucks. No cause of death has been revealed.

Current Dark Funeral guitarist Mikael ‘Lord Ahriman’ Svanberg commented:

“A couple of days ago I was reached by the terrible news that my old brother David ‘Blackmoon’ Parland had passed away and entered the eternal fire once and for all. It’s taken me a few days to grasp it all. And it still hurts a lot to even think to talk about it.

“During the last couple of weeks, I was in close contact with David. He was going through an extremely difficult time of life, whereof he contacted me to ask for my help.

“Even though the two of us had a bit of a complicated relationship over the years (much excessive in the media though), he knew that he could ALWAYS call or visit me when needed, which he also did once in a while.

“Last time I talked to him was when he called me on March 15. From what I could understand, things were going in the right direction. I also had some very good news for him, which he was very happy to hear about. What happened after that I simply can’t understand. And I cant understand WHY he didn’t call me (again).

“So close, so fucking close to get back on track, brother.


“You will be missed deeply! May you reign forever and ever in the eternal hellfire.

“Hail the hordes!”

So let’s just take a moment to remember him, his talents and his contributions to Satanic music.  And in his memory, here is one of my favourite Dark Funeral songs: The Dawn No More Rises.  Ave.

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