Dornenreich hint at the end of metal

Germany’s Dornenreich call in with some news concerning their upcoming album,’Flammentriebe’: “In a few days we will enter Markus Stock’s Studio E to start the recordings for our new album ‘Flammentriebe’. We will remain busy with the elaboration of this album until the end of the year. ‘Flammentriebe’ will contain eight songs which will combine a dramatic black metal fundament with fiercely flaming violins and voices. Multifaceted, passionate and way more grasping than ever before we will express our vision of existential and authentic black metal in the fifteenth year of our existence as Dornenreich. However, ‘Flammentriebe’ might be the last album that we will build on a metal instrumentation…” ‘Flammentriebe’? More like Flammenheck!

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