London’s rising DM force Decrepid are currently preparing their next assault. With upgraded ranks and a demo in hand, they march into the underground’s vast battlefields. ZT spoke to guitarist Danny Price.


ZT: Tell us about the new demo, what can we expect? More of the same of have things changed?


Danny : We’ve improved our song writing and playing capabilities, so in that sense it’s not the same but the main ideas that we had for the first record are still the same which was to play quality death metal with influences from all other sub-genres of metal.


ZT: Decrepid have established themselves as one of the capital’s premium kvlt offerings. What gives you an edge over other similar acts?


Danny : To be described as one of Londons premium kvlt bands is a massive compliment to me, as I think London has a really good underground scene and is harboring some of the best bands around at the moment. Weather or not we have an edge over similar acts I don’t know.


ZT: You’ve mentioned that the band are looking to branch out to the continent in the near future?


Danny : Yeah we’ve been trying to get into Europe since day one and even across the Atlantic because of our past labels being based in south america. We have had offers in the past but for one reason or another we have had to turn them down or we was let down by the promoter. We are currently speaking with friends in Germany about doing a small D.I.Y tour late summer and hopefully this time it will happen.


ZT: What else can we expect from Decrepid?


Danny : At the moment we have a 3 track demo being released on tape with Ferrous Void Productions who also released Sepuku’s demo tape, and we want to release the same 3 tracks as 2 separate split 7″ with some euro comrades. After that we plan on finishing the 2nd album with some short violent tracks to compliment the already long epic ones with have written.


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