Up’n’coming Finnish death/doom metalheads Decaying are recording their debut full-length album “Encirclement”.


“The album will have 10 songs, the first one is an instrumental intro. Themery is even more based in war than it was before, although this time some of the lyrics have evolved to much more history based – telling now about real battles like Somme & Verdun of World War One, Winter War and battles on the Pacific sea in World War Two”, told Zero Tolerance the mainman behind the band Matias Nastolin. “Apart from the lyrics, you can expect some really epic, melodic in the sense of doom metal, yet simple and bonecrushing midtempo old school death (doom) metal. The vocal side relies mostly on the death growl, but there are without a doubt large amounts of these higher howls – easily associated with Martin Van Drunen. The songs are long, album length is about 65 minutes – but the compositions are diversed enough to keep the listener interested. All in all you could imagine this like a mix of Asphyx / Bolt Thrower / Grave once again, but with a twist!”


“Encirclement” is scheduled for release early next year via Poland’s Hellthrasher Prod.

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