Self-styled hiking metal punks Darkthrone have just released a brand new track from their upcoming 15th studio album, and you’ll be happy to hear that it’s a belter.


The group’s latest offering The Underground Resistance is due out on February 26 on Peaceville Records, but fans can listen to an edited version of the track ‘Leave No Cross Unturned’ right now using the SoundCloud player below.


The tune itself is a beguiling mix of thrash riffs, pounding rhythms and surprisingly catchy vocals, which sounds unlike anything featured on their crust punk-infused 2010 album Circle the Wagons.


According to the press brief, The Underground Resistance will see the Norwegian duo “riffing in a broad range of styles, taking in thrash, speed and black metal, and not forgetting a dose of punk.”


The album was written between spring 2010 and summer 2012, and consists of six “epic” tracks.


Talking about the record, Darkthrone’s agreeably mad drummer Fenriz said: “Three songs each, Ted’s are flown from the universe of metal with his strongest voice ever so far. Songs of mine are torn from the wombs of the riders of rohan of metal, safely cradled in 1985 style.”


Though guitarist/vocalist Nocturno Culto put things a might more succinctly in a recent interview with Terrorizer, in which he said: “Our music now is basically just metal. It will be a step away from the last album as usual.”


And on the strength of this track, I’d say it’s a step in the right direction. Anyway, enough waffling – listen to the song HERE:


Words } Tom Cole


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