Cult Hellenic black metallers Medieval Demon soon to release new material

Greece’s Medieval Demon are set to release new album, Black Coven, via Hells Headbangers on 16 September 2022.

‘Authenticity’. Granted, that sounds a bit trite maybe, but staying true to their ’90s black metal sensibilities is at the heart of Medieval Demon. Founding drummer / leyboardist / composer Lord Apollyon explains how they went about doing just this with Black Coven: “For the composition of Black Coven, there were used methods and practices of the ancient Greek theory of music, which were also used to the Middle Ages – in the name of Satan. Composition in black metal presupposes to live in real time the process that includes all the elements involved in this kind of black art. We moved into an isolated village inside the forest, a place where ancient Greek sorcery and death magic was born. Ritualism and ancient black metal are parts of our eternally black souls…. DEATH TO THOSE WHO BETRAY THE SECRET CULT!”

Check out the title track here:

Black Coven tracklisting:
1. ‘Where Witches Dwell and Labyrinths Confuse’
2. ‘Black Coven’
3. ‘Nocturnal Sacrilege’
4. ‘Sylvestris Deus (Protector Of The Forests)’
5. ‘Baptismal Blood’
6. ‘Katavythisis’
7. ‘The Grave Dwellers’

Black Coven is out on CD format on 16 September 2022, with vinyl following later in the year. You can pre-order the CD version here.

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