London’s premium promoters Old Empire have hooked up with Tidal Concerts to bring Londoners yet another exclusive show to remember.

For the very first time, the capital will be graced by the presence High Priestess of the Occult, Jinx Dawson and her vessel Coven.

“It wouldn’t be a stretch to consider COVEN to be the progenitor of what we now know as occult rock; years before every other heavy band proclaimed to be performing rituals on stage and draping themselves in powerful symbolism – Jinx and co were living it. The furore that surrounded the 1969 release of Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls persisted for many years afterwards, the band dogged by controversy everywhere they went. The forward-thinking themes and powerful imagery explored by Coven paved a pathway for those open-minded enough to follow. Their influence has been far reaching – from those who shy away from acknowledging this right through to those who worship unreservedly at the altar of Coven.”

Opening the night will be Rise Above Record’s Galley Beggar.

Ticket available here.

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