Brian Johnson, lead singer of AC/DC since 1980, has been given his own radio show on BBC Radio 2 that is scheduled to run for 6 weeks.  The show, which will begin this Thursday 30th August, will feature car talk, as well as a number of Johnson’s favorite songs throughout his lifespan.  “Everyone thinks doing radio is just sitting down, you put a mic in front of you and just waffle, but it’s not that easy,” Johnson told the Sunday Sun.  “I sat in this studio with a big black mic in front of us and not an idea. Thankfully Ben Jones and Dan Cocker helped me out. I have to thank those two.”


Further commenting to the Sunday Sun, Johnson said “My memory is terrible, but cars always help me remember things. If someone asked ‘What’s the name of the girl you went out with when you were 19?’ you couldn’t remember, but you’d remember having a Mini Cooper. Cars started to get cool and groovy when rock and roll started – when Ike Turner brought out Rocket 88 it was about his car, the thing he loved.  The thing you wanted when you were a young man was a car because it was freedom!  Cars and music, the two of them sort of went together, so I start to marry the two.”


Well-known for his love of cars, Johnson has previously penned a book, titled “Rockers and Rollers,” which was released in late 2009.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly, the book had very little to do with his time in AC/DC or his previous musical outfit Geordie, but was rather an autobiography of sorts centered around his love of automobiles.  Currently residing in the United States, Johnson participates in vintage car races, in addition to making an appearance on the UK Sky One television show “The Race.”


Born in Dunston, Gateshead, Johnson fronted the Newcastle upon Tyne based rock band Geordie, appearing on four of the band’s albums between 1973 and 1978.  Upon the death of AC/DC’s Bon Scott in early 1980, Johnson landed the audition for the Australian band after guitarist Angus Young recalled Scott’s description of Johnson after the two had crossed paths in their previous musical outfits.  Johnson accepted the vocalist position with the band just a few days after, and jumped right into the writing and recording process for 1980’s “Back in Black,” which has seen sales of over 50 million worldwide and is the second best selling album, behind Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”



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