Bloodstock Open Air 2012 is done and over with. The ZT team enjoyed record sales from their humble stall and had a complete blast spreading dissent.


But there’s no rest for the wicked, as Catton Hall’s only metal festival has already announced that thrash legends Anthrax will be part of the billing in 2013.


The Open Air thanks all fans, having issued the following statement:


“I think you’ll find that was the BEST finish to what can only be described as the MOST AMAZING metal packed weekend the UK has EVER seen !! You came, you saw and it kicked some serious ass ! Thank you to EVERYONE that supports Bloodstock throughout the year, its an honour to have you guys there and without you there simply would not be a festival !! Huge thanks to all the bands, crew and staff that make Bloodstock what it is !! So many great performances this weekend we don’t know where to start ……….see you all same time next year !!!! MM/ “

Thanks for dropping in!

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