At The Gates have posted an extremely short video clip hinting at a new album for 2014.


The 12-second clip, aired on their official Youtube and Facebook pages, shows some blurred text (possibly lyric sheets) with ‘2014’ fading in, that lasts for all of nine seconds before everything goes black. In fact, rather than describing it, it would have been quicker to just watch the clip (and possibly more entertaining).


If it is an album teaser (and it’s unlikely to be anything else as they’ve been playing live since their second reformation in 2011) then it will be the influential death metal band’s first recorded material this millennium. Their last studio album came nearly twenty years ago with the release of Slaughter of the Soul in 1995.


It comes at an interesting time for two-fifths of At The Gates, as bassist Jonas Björler and drummer Adrian Erlandsson’s other band The Haunted have just released a new single with a fresh lineup, suggesting they too may be back in the studio soon.


At The Gates will be appearing at Trondheim Metal Fest on 8 March and Maryland Death Fest later in the year on 23 May.

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