Chilean fuzz monsters AT DEVIL DIRT have set August 31st as the release date for their self-produced sophomore full-length outing “Chapter II: Vulgo gratissimus auctor”. Using just one guitar, drums and vocals the South American duo offer an album that comprises of eleven doomy psychedelic rock songs.


In an exclusive statement for ZT the band reveal more: “We feel very good about the new album. However, as a musician one is always willing to improve from one album to another. We are not the kind of artists who say ‘our last production is the best one’; this is not the case of At Devil Dirt; we like both albums including the third one which has already been produced (we are hoping to have the demos ready by the end of the year).
When we compose or record, we don´t have a formula; we just work on those riffs we find interesting to turn into a song. We don´t worry either about how long a song should last for. I´ve heard different comments such as ‘this album is darker than the first one’, so you see, this is pretty subjective since some reviews and blogs find it less dark than the first one.
I believe our music has an effect on the listener like every other kind of music does; it depends on the mood of the person and what he/she is going through in his/her life. If the person is sad, maybe he/she will be depressed, maybe not. I don´t know; it´s pretty uncertain. In my particular case, I let things go with the flow in terms of music. You can play death metal or classic music, if that music gives you something; I stick to that. By the way, we pretty much listen to any kind of genre”.


You can stream the album in its enirety at the band’s official Bandcamp page.

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