DUTCH DEATH METAL LEGENDS ASPHYX are currently working on a new album entitled ‘Deathhammer’.


The band comments: “By now, all the guitars, drums and bass tracks for the upcoming ‘Deathhammer’ album are recorded. Drums were recorded in the classic Harrow Studio, known from the Asphyx classics as ‘The Rack’ and ‘Last One On Earth’. The guitars and bass were recorded in The Mörser Studio. In a few weeks the vocals will be recorded in the Harrow Studio as well and then Dan Swanö will do the album’s mixing and mastering, just as on ‘Death…The Brutal Way’ and ‘Live Death Doom’.


“Deathhammer’ promises to be a darkened successor of ‘Death…The Brutal Way’. Almost every band is praising their newest album to be heavier and more brutal than the previous one, but actually in this case it’s the harsh truth. ‘Deathhammer’ is in every way heavier, doomier and darker. Maybe it’s because of the fact that most of the songs were written in late autumn/winter?! We do not know…but it’s easily our heaviest effort so far!”


The album is scheduled for release early 2012 via Century Media Records.

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