AlfahannePR1When details of Alfahanne’s debut full-length album Alfapokalyps were revealed prior to the album’s release on Dark Essence Records early last year, many were surprised to find that the Swedish band, who at that time were relatively unknown,  had managed to attract guest appearances from artists such as Taake’s Hoest, Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth, and Helheim’s V’gandr.But Alfahanne can claim a lineup of musicians that have been on the extreme metal scene since the early ’90s in bands such as Vinterland and early Maze Of Torment, and their reputation for high octane live shows and their self-styled Alfapokalyptic Rock – a high energy mix of black metal, classic rock and punk – has since garnered them a legion of new fans throughout the world and proved to be more than enough to win the respect of other established musicians.

So much so, in fact, that the band’s second full-length album, which is scheduled for release in September of this year, will include four special guests, and, in keeping with the band’s policy of being accessible to their fans through social media, Alfahanne have teamed up with Dark Essence Records to announce a competition in the run-up to the release of the album.

“We really enjoy interacting with our fans, so we thought it would be fun to get them involved in guessing who the guests on our new album will be”, comment the band. “Over the next weeks we will be featuring one of the guests and giving you a series of clues as to who it is. Each guest is a stand-alone entry to the competition, so you have four chances of winning. The winners will receive a copy of our new album the minute it’s released, courtesy of Dark Essence Records. Here are the clues to the first guest.  We thought we’d start off with a very easy one”.

1. This guest has a history of collaborations with Alfahanne, both in the studio and live.

2. This guest started his current band whilst not yet a teenager  and it has been going for almost 20 years.

3. This guest is credited with starting the genre that many call ‘suicidal’.

4. This guest’s band and Alfahanne will both be appearing at Incineration Festival in London on the 9th May.

“Anyone wishing to enter should just email their guess and their name and address to our management on  (use Alfahanne Competition in the Subject line) or drop us a private message on our Facebook page by 24th May and we will take it from there.  After we have chosen a winner, we will announce the next “Guess the Guest” competition until we have done all four. Details of all the competitions will be posted on our Facebook page.

The band’s clues should be more than enough to guess the guest, right?

Confirmed live dates for Alfahanne:
09 May: Incineration Festival, London, UK
26 June: Tuska Festival, Helsinki, Finland
03 July: Hard Rock Laager, Vana-Vigala, Estonia
07 August: Jalometalli Metal Music Festival, Oulu, Finland

Several tracks from Alfahanne, including tracks featuring Taake’s Hoest, Helheim’s V’gandr and Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth, can be heard below.

Fan-filmed video of Alfahanne performing the track ‘Indiehora’ from their 2014 album Alfapokalypse,  live on stage with Helheim’s V’gandr can be seen below:

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