In our ongoing quest to ensure toes – or whole bodies – are frequently dipped into a wide-range of underground music, we’ve joined forces with Ruton Music / Ektro Records to give you the chance to listen to the whole of Anachronist’s excellent self-titled album ahead of its release on November 23rd.

We’ve got quite a soft spot for synth-driven music here at ZT HQ, so it’s been music to our ears (literally) to hear a whole bunch of fresh releases in that vein; we’ll be speaking to Anachronist in an interview for issue 088 (out 28th December 2018) alongside a number of other electronic / synth-oriented artists, so what better time to familiarise yourself with the artist audially than now?

And how best to describe Anachronist, aka Ryan Shaw? The press release does a pretty good job of that: Anachronist jumps right in the deep end of pseudo-Soviet pool of compressor-driven synth beat with a subtle synth beat with a subtle nod towards catchy Zimmerian silver-screen estrangement. It’s a weirdly cosy trip to the imaginary back rooms, bars, and lives of lost worlds, where Anachronist’s justified sense of melancholia gets repeatedly stabbed by the harsh reality of ’80s drum machines. No slick plug-in tricks here – just pure, hands-on electronics. Anachronist’s Self-Titled album gets a trustworthy recommendation from Ruton Music to all synth music addicts the world over.

Anyway, we’ll leave you to listen and hope you enjoy it as much as some of us here do!

Tracklisting for Anachronist’s Self-Titled Album
1. Running Low
2. Ditched
3. The Rabbit
4. Gala Of Ghosts (Spookwave)
5. I Know How Good My Coffee Is
6. Tillandsia
7. Alone In A Dark Cave
8. Don’t Worry About It
9. Sink Or Swim
10. Same Old
11. Fall

Connect with Anachronist at this location.


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