Sweden’s up’n’coming death metal blasphemers Necrovation have recently signed to Polish Agonia Records for the release of their self-titled second full-length. With the mixing process is motion and artwork finalized, the follow-up to 2008’s “Breed Deadness Blood” is slated for a May release. The band’s vocalist and guitarist Seb Gadd issued ZT with the following statement:


“Our second full length album is not something of an ordinary thing; the songs and the production is really something quite unlike anything we have done before. Yet it’s not light years away from how I could see ourselves develop over 5 years when looking ahead in 2006, as that is how long it has been since we recorded our previous full length. The big difference between 2012’s self-titled album and our previous efforts is that there is no active choice of style/genre, the direction we have gone in has been to record songs that we liked, songs that portrait our band well rather than fitting in to genre descriptions. The whole cover artwork and concept behind is simply to portrait the feelings and essence of how we see ourselves and what we feel we represent.
‘Necrovation’ shows the band in a new shape as well, we have since 2011 been a 4-piece.
F. Almström has been with us for the entire recording and plays several guitar leads, something new for the band, to actually have steady line-up with a 2nd guitarist that complements my chaotic solo technique, this has really improved our stage act as well”.


More details on “Necrovation” will be revealed soon.

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