We’re delighted the present the first video scene report for Zero Tolerance Magazine. Under the spotlight is London’s extreme metal underbelly; a reflection of its many nationalities.

One of the most fanatical groups of fans are the capital’s South American expats, who regularly put on concerts for bands from Latin America and the Spanish speaking world. Late into 2018, we were invited to film an event dedicated to extreme Colombian bands at the Black Heart in Camden Town – CARNIVORE DIPROSOPOUS, a legendary death/grind outfit from Bogota, Colombia and ATAUD, a South American death metal band based in London. What you’re about to witness is a night of madness and noise hosted by Blastphemous Productions – the Latin way. The Colombians call it “un parche” (lit: a ‘patch’ – gathering), a term that originates from the ’80s, when Colombia’s youth were first turned on to punk and heavy metal from Britain and the USA and gathered at houses, parking lots and small venues to trade music, ideas and watch live bands.

We hope you enjoy the following, and share it far and wide!

Produced by: TEAM CHIMBA for Zero Tolerance Magazine
Interviewed and edited: by Alex de Moller
Filmed by: Jason Acero Correa

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