ZT are pleased to team up with Debemur Morti to present a new song from Kaleikr entitled Neurodelirium.

Taken from their forthcoming debut album, Heart Of Lead, it shows tinges of their black metal past, but now fused with a progressive death metal edge to form a multi-dimensional assault with traces of Gojira, Deathspell Omega and even Opeth in places, but nevertheless finds its own method to open your third eye.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary, the album features 7 hymns that possess the depth of feeling present in the finest Icelandic Black Metal:

1. Beheld At Sunrise
2. The Descent
3. Of Unbearable Longing
4. Internal Contradiction
5. Neurodelirium
6. Heart Of Lead
7. Eternal Stalemate And A Never-ending Sunset

Hollow Earth will be released on February 15th worldwide on special edition vinyl, vinyl and cd. Pre-orders are availablee from the European shop, the North American shop and Bandcamp.

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