Hell’s Headbangers Records have posted a second song from the new album of Scythian! ‘Beyond The Dust’ is the opening track of the band’s second album Hubris In Excelsis, set for release on 21 August 2015.


Extreme metal titans Scythian were formed in London in 2004. Their style brings an epic feeling (not unlike Bathory’s second period) to solid foundations of filthy black/death/thrash metal (not unlike Bathory’s first period). They have so far unleashed three attacks upon humanity: the Suffering To The Conquered… demo of 2007; the 2009 full-length To Those Who Stand Against Us…; and the 2011 Grunwald/Τιτανομαχία split with Greek black metallers Kawir.


Their new offering bears the title Hubris In Excelsis and shall claim your head before the summer ends. Indulge your senses to the opening track Beyond The Dust below:
Hubris in Excelsis by SCYTHIAN
You can also visit Hell’s Headbangers’ bandcamp page for one more song of Scythian’s upcoming album, a free compilation and much more.


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