Locrian are one of the finest purveyors of extreme experimental music this side of the millennium. Their last release, 2013’s Return to Annihilation, was met with critical acclaim across the metal underground, with it’s unique approach to fusing black metal, drone, post rock and noise influences. Aside from Locrian, however, the band members indulge in side projects – which have been active of late.

First up we have Terence Hannum, keyboardist, who along with his wife Erica Burgner-Hannum, creates compelling ambient music in the name of The Holy Circle. The group will be releasing a 7” on Accidental Guest Recordings in the near future.

Guitarist André Foisy has just finished recording an album with his new group, Lake of Violet, a four piece also featuring Anthony Michael Couri of Minsk fame, Jacob Essak from Sun Splitter and Neil Jendon from Kwaidan . Their debut LP, entitled The Startling Testimony of Plumb Lines, will be released in the autumn on Gilead Media. Foisy also collaborated with thisquietarmy to produce some typically eerie, intriguing drone – listen here.

Enough to keep Locrian fans at bay whilst they eagerly await news of the next album!





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