Danzig have completed filming for their ‘Legacy TV Special’, which takes the form of a run-through Glenn Danzig’s career. The band are also currently in the studio, working on their next album.


‘The Legacy’ is a concept developed by Mark Brooks, the creator of cartoon series Metalocalypse. Evil Elvis gave an interview to Full Metal Jackie in April 2013, where he says that the idea “was basically to do like a Danzig ‘Legacy’ TV show, loosely based on the Elvis ’68 Comeback special; it revisited a lot of his past and a lot of stuff: performance pieces that I do; then there’s the band playing live, we do Danzig and Samhain. Then, for the Misfits thing, we did what Elvis did when he sat down with [guitarist] Scotty Moore and the Memphis Mafia – we just did them all right there live, sitting, and everyone’s around us; there’s no backstage, we’re just on a little podium.”


An airing date or any other information is yet to be announced. However, while we wait for news on that, Danzig currently have five new songs recorded for their upcoming, so far untitled album. They are also also gearing up for the Danzig 25th Anniversary Tour.


Meantime, Danzig will headline a stage at Canada’s Amnesia Rockfest and are also confirmed to appear on 21 June 2014 with special guest Doyle (guitarist, ex-Misfits).

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