Dutch death metal veterans Asphyx have made the title-track off their new studio album “Deathhammer” available for streaming via at THIS LOCATION.


In an official statement the band reveal: “To us, this song is 100 percent real death metal! It’s heavy, aggressive and it simply can’t get more in your face than this. This song is composed by just a few shredding riffs, which stick in your brain like a buzzsaw, vocals so angry that it could be a declaration of war, relentlessly pounding drums and a bass that roars like a tank. We are very proud of this song since it shows our view on real death metal: how we’ve always seen it, how we feel it and how we want it to be!
Martin already roared a clear statement in the very beginning of this song: THIS IS TRUE DEATH METAL, YOU BASTARDS! And so it is!”


“Deathhammer”, the band’s eighth studio full-length album, is scheduled for release on February 27 via Century Media Records.

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