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1.Prologue To Prolapse

2.Forced Fornication

3.Vomit Every Dreg

4.A Peeling Flesh

5.Foetid Existence

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About Masochist

Masochist is a 4 piece band hailing from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The band carefully balances different styles of death metal, from the clinical precision of American Death Metal, to the grit and groove of Swedish Death Metal. A liberal smattering of Grindcore is added to the proceedings, peppering the sound with a voracious vehemence.

Having already released the bands extremely successful debut e.p 'The Extent Of Human Error' (November 2012), UKEM Records were sent five new tracks to listen to. One listen and the excellent working relationship between band and label was re-kindled and a deal was arranged to release the bands follow up e.p 'Condemned To Grovel' (August 2014). Recorded with Chris Fielding at the legendary Skyhammer Studio (Napalm Death, Cerebral Bore, Winterfyllth etc), this new e.p shows an absolutely massive improvement in the bands song writing skills, prosecution and development. Having worked with the bad previously Label manager Chris Newby is quoted as saying "As soon as I pressed play and heard the new songs I was blown away at just how much the band had improved and matured. There is a real step up in both their song-writing and production level. Getting the band back under the UKEM roster was an extremely easy decision to make once I'd finished listening to the new material"

Release Date: 29.08.14