Main Postal Address

  • Zero Tolerance Magazine
  • PO Box 6369
  • Rugby
  • CV21 3PF
  • See right hand side of page for email addresses

Phone Number

  • Phone: 07854276489 (10-5pm)
  • International: +447854276489 (10-5pm)
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Editorial + Publishing + Commercial

  • Lisa Macey, Editor in Chief & Publisher
  • Advertising, distribution, promotion
  • Email: lisa@ztmag.com
  • Paul Carter, PR & Marketing
  • Gig + tour sponsorship, banner swaps etc.
  • Email: paul@ztmag.com


Review CDs

Review CDs should be emailed to the main postal address and directly to the editor in the first instance. If you are sending a demo for review, please make sure the envelope is clearly marked DEMO and include a biography and contact email / url or phone number. Please also ensure your band name is written clearly as deciphering spiky logos can be near impossible.

Subscriptions / Back Issues

  • Email: subs@ztmag.com
  • To buy the magazine visit our webstore from the link on this site (Subscribe/Shop). For enquiries please use the email address above or the contact form on the webshop. Please note we cannot take telephone orders or give any order updates over the phone.
  • If you have a question about buying the magazine, an outstanding order, or anything related please email the email address to the left, and NOT our editorial team or general enquiries - your query will most likely not be answered otherwise.



  • Will you review my band on Facebook / MySpace / Bandcamp etc
  • In short: no, so please don't waste your time asking. Having a quick listen to a band on a social networking site is fine so providing a link when you contact us is always a good idea, but to give a considered review of a band / release we need to be provided with a physical promo CD. Generally speaking, we only review downloaded music when it is provided via a recognised platform such as iPool or Haulix. Please don't send us unsolicited yousendit.com links to albums or attach mp3s to emails. These will NOT be listened to. 
  • Where do I send my demo?
  • Demos can be sent to us at the main address on CD (a burn is fine). Please make sure you add the word "DEMO" on the envelope and include a biography and contact details.
  • Why do I need to send more than one copy of a CD for review?
  • We generally suggest you send in 3 copies to cover your bases. One for review consideration (to the main address), one for our editor (located at a different address), plus a spare copy in the event that we need to get one sent out to another member of our editorial staff.
  • Will you come and review my gig?
  • Maybe, maybe not... You'll need to email us on lives@ztmag.com and ask us nicely. 
  • Will you sponsor our show / tour / festival?
  • We might be up for it. As the saying goes, if you don't ask you don't get. You'll need to contact paul@ztmag.com with details before we can give you a definitive answer.  
  • I haven't received my subscription yet, why?
  • Whilst it's usually far quicker, subscription and back issue orders can take anywhere up to 28 days to process and we do make this clear on all our order forms, whether printed or online. If 28 days later you're pondering the whereabouts of your subscription, subscription gift or back issue(s), please email subs@ztmag.com (NOT another email address), include the name the order was made out in and we will get back to you asap. 
  • Will I get my subscription copy before the magazine reaches the shops?
  • Generally speaking, yes. Our subscription copies are mailed out a few days before the magazine is racked on store shelves.
  • How can I get back issues?
  • Ahhh, well, this is an easy one. Assuming we still have the copy / copies you're after in stock, you can purchase them directly from the shop on this site. We offer really good rates for multiple back issues so the collector in you can be satisfied without ending up barefoot.