The latest edition of Zero Tolerance Magazine – issue 077 – is onsale NOW, and as always, it is accompanied by a free, professionally produced covermount CD featuring a whole raft of new music from the extreme underground. This issue you can enjoy 15 new tracks from the likes of Immolation, Dread Sovereign, Hark, Benighted and others, and because we believe in spreading the good word as far and as wide as possible, you can now also stream the entire current covermount CD right here, right now, via the new ZT Audio Player! 

As the online landscape continues to be overtaken by clickbait, fake news and viruses, print media clearly is still where it’s at, and especially so if you’re after some good old-fashioned, honest editorial that’s been lovingly crafted into 100 beautifully designed, glossy printed pages; pages that look as impressive sitting on your coffee table – or beside your lav – as they do in your hands! Our new edition is no exception as Immolation’s Ross Dolan elbowed his way to the front of a massive queue for this issue’s cover to talk about the band’s brand new album Atonement. Jostling for position alongside NY’s finest are – to name just a few – Obituary, Kreator, Death Worship, Bathsheba, Overkill, Pallbearer, Lock Up, Midnight, Dread Sovereign, Morta Skuld, Dool, Sacramentum, Kris Verwimp… and so many more that it might be easier to check out the full list of contents at this location.

Zero Tolerance is available to buy NOW for just £4.40 from WHSmith and all other good newsagents, and directly from us on subscription or as a single issue at store.ztmag.com. Whilst ZT is available on the newsstand right across the world, it is worth noting that copies follow UK publication schedules a little later in Europe, and a month or so later everywhere else, including North America and Australia. If you’re the impatient type then a subscription is almost certainly your best option – not only will it reach you faster, it’s cheaper than buying it in the shops too!

Click on the links below to visit the bands featured this issue.

Immolation Destructive Currents | Benighted Reptilian | The Great Old Ones When The Stars Align | Meat Train Block 11 | Hate Unbound Burn Your Idols | Dead Is He One Creep, Dead Creep | Undrask Conscripted | Ghost Avenue Impact [edit] | Dimentianon The Forgotten | Alkerdeel Regardez ses yeux | Chalice Of Suffering For You I Die | Dread Sovereign The World Is Doomed | Hark Fortune Favours The Insane | The Committee Weapons Of Genocide | Ealadha Hurricanes


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