Dave+MustaineAccording to Ironraven.net’s T. Ray Verteramo, a fan of the band was robbed and stabbed three times during a sold-out Megadeth show in Neuquen, Argentina on August 4th. Finding out about the crime, Mustaine reportedly turned to Twitter and tweeted, “Gotta split. A fan got hurt last night. I’m gonna visit him in the hospital. Love you guys, and please for God’s sake be nice to each other!”

According to the news report by Minutouno, the victim had travelled specially from Comodoro Rivadavia with friends to see the band, but sadly, during the concert his wallet containing 5,000 pesos [approx. £260] was stolen, and he received three stab wounds.

The fan is in stable condition, “but with wounds in the thoracolumbar  area, one on the right flank and a significant cut in the forearm.”

As yet there are no updates on how the visit went.


Injured Megadeth Fan Gets Visit from Mustaine



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