ISSUE 81 | OCT/NOV, 2017
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Editorial Message

I think the contents list to the right is proof enough of us pulling out all the stops to make damn sure we provide you with an unrivalled selection of bands under one cover. The sheer weight of releases caused some turmoil here in the ZT portacabin, bending our flimsy floorboards so much we feared they might give way.

With material from cover artists Satyricon, to Enslaved and Cannibal Corpse, Wolves In The Throne Room, to Spectral Voice, Iron Monkey, Chelsea Wolfe - I say it every time (or so I'm told) - but there's just too much to mention here in one breath; that's what a contents list is for. Talking cover features, this issue's with Satyr is an especially thought-provoking read from Calum Harvie, but you'll find that out yourselves as you only need to turn a few pages to read it.

I expect like us you can hardly believe how quickly we're hurtling towards the end of the year? We're already receiving promos for releases out in March 2018, which seems mad as we still have so much more to write about before the new year - so don't forget to join us next issue, which will be out around Christmas time (and about a month later in the US and Canada). Before I sign off, I should point out that this issue's 17-track covermount CD is an absolute banger, so please make sure you have a listen and check out the bands who have collaborated with us so that you have something new to listen to as you read the magazine.

Until next issue then, thanks for reading - and if you're picking us up for the first time, I hope you get lots out of Zero Tolerance Magazine and that you keep on picking us up every two months! Don't forget, if you can't find us in the shops, you can ask your newsagent to order a copy in for you - or better still, buy direct from us as a single copy or on subscription. Visit to order.

Lisa Macey, Editor


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