ISSUE 79 | JUN/JUL, 2017
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Last issue I said see you in June, well, that didn't quite go to plan - sometimes things move slower than I'd hope, and with a small (but perfectly formed - haha!) core ZT team, things can quickly become a little overwhelming - of course, we put this down to being victims our own success - we're busy and that's good - sometimes on the verge of being a little too busy to get things completed in both a sensible and a timely fashion (being sensible is hard enough on its own, I tell you). It goes without saying that the magazine is a labour of love, but I appreciate that delayed publication schedules are irksome, even with good reason. Anyway, thank Satan the next one's on-track and we therefore expect issue 080 to rear its ugly head in mid-August. Until then, I reckon that despite (or perhaps in spite) of my recent chaos, we've compiled an issue that's most certainly worth your time and attention. Where to start? Hmmm, you could easily just flip the pages open at a random point and be as likely to land on something of interest as you would by using the index over to the right there --->

Schammasch: have you checked them out yet? Following last year's brilliant Triangle release (comprising three discs - see what they did there?) they've now just released an EP - or is it a short album, who knows - and who cares, it's intriguing however you look at - or listen to - it. So much so that we've given them the cover spot and a bunch of pages across which to share their story. Once the baby of the team, and now veteran writer (not sure he'll thank me for that, but hey-ho) Alex de Moller put his seasoned negotiating skills to good use as he navigated through Schammash's surreal musical landscape, so we hope you enjoy the fruits of both his and the band's labour.

Keeping our Swiss guests company are all manner of depraved souls from the wild and wonderful extreme music world. We've got TenHornedBeast, Goatwhore, Dying Fetus, Soulskinner, Suffocation and Decapitated, to mention just a few names that would send Mary Whitehouse's corpse into meltdown. Talking of which, let's hope the weather heats up again as we head into the thick of the festival season - I think most of us would prefer a river of sweat and beer than a landslide of mud to keep us in good spirits. Which reminds me, Bloodstock's literally just on the horizon, so we caught up with the organisers and one of this year's headliners for the news section - if you haven't bought your ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Life's short - live it!

Till next time.,,

Lisa Macey, Editor


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