ISSUE 77 | SPRING, 2017
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So, here we are again dear readers, presenting you with another issue of Zero Tolerance that's dripping with editorial treasure. I think it's fairly safe to say that we've started the year on a high with NY's death metal heroes Immolation gracing the cover. Frontman Ross Dolan gives Calum Harvie a a very open interview indeed, tackling such delicate issues as ageing and a certain President Trump. It should come as no surprise that mention of the latter crops up in a number of interviews this issue, there's just no escaping world politics it seems. No matter how hard you might try to drown it all out with some trusty metal, there's no getting away from it; and although we like to think it is, the metal community isn't so different to others with its range of voices clashing across cyberspace. See, it's catching - I've just managed to Trump in my first paragraph despite promising myself I wouldn't. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Anyway, let's abandon such morbid thoughts for the moment and turn our attention to the rest of issue 077 instead. As you'll discover, we've not settled at turning over every stone this issue, we've moved some bloody great big boulders to give you a seriously strong editorial lineup, welcoming the likes of Lock Up, Kreator, Overkill, Obituary, Death Worship and Midnight to name but a small handful. Well-known, obscure, controversial, experimental, you want it (or maybe won't even know you do till you get reading) it's here, so get stuck in and enjoy a break from fake news, alternative facts and that glowing screen that's so damn hard to stop living your life through.

Before I forget, given that this issue hits the streets in February and 2017 is already well underway, we took the decision to publish the results of our 2016 Readers' Poll online at rather than here, so be sure to head over there to check them out, and our writers' Top 20s too as those are also included. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the gentleman pictured below feeding a lovely bunch of cockatoos is the founder of India's extreme metal label, Transcending Obscurity - which is the subject of this issue's profile on pages 088-089. It should be said though that when we asked him to get tweeting about the article, this wasn't quite what we meant... Lisa Macey editor

Lisa Macey, Editor


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