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I always wanted this column... but I never dreamed I'd be spending it KK Warslut - frontman of Australia's Destroyer 666. Much like one of his former bandmates, I hate the guy so much that I think about him in the shower, but there's a thin line between love and hate, and the only reason I'm writing this today is because I've always believed that friends are the greatest asset in my life. During the years 2011-12 I had the pleasure of living with and getting to know KK Warslut as a friend. It was tough at times, y'know with two-day binges and Gospel Of The Horns sleeping in the hallway, but it made me understand how special the Aussie bands really are. They're the real deal. I worked a day job with Matt Razor, drank myself to near-death at Ian Shrapnel's house and traded insults and insights with KK on a regular basis. All of which combined to teach me one immortal life lesson (on being mortal). Live your life to the fullest - or in the words of Ian Shrapnel: 'Grab the fackin' bull by the horns mate!'

Thinking I'd escaped music journalism, I've spent the last five years concentrating on living my life and making music. I have a band myself that's spiritually indebted to Destroyer 666, who like many others were the heroes of my adolescence. Writing really isn't for me, but I'm not bad at it. So when I heard the band were going on the cover, there was no way in hell I was giving it to Cormac O'Siochain (who contributed to an incendiary special on war metal this month with Nathan T. Birk)!! Truth be told, KK hasn't done a face-to-face interview in 17 years - he hates them and only did this 'for a mate'.

The humble offering I make in this issue is only a tiny portion of the six-hour interrogation I carried out with Pierre Stratanael, one of KK's greatest friends and fans alike, and if it seems brief, then maybe some kind of book is warranted in the future. Interviews these days are rarely special, so we made an event of this one and headed to a remote peninsula on the Suffolk coast. Surrounded by silence and the emptiness of nature, we built a Wildfire and raised a bottle to our friend - then scrutinised the shit out of him. With no further ado I give you the 71st issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine. Turn the page, unchain the wolves, and in the absence of Lemmy, raise a glass to KK Warslut; one of the last true rockstars on earth.

Alex de Moller (aka Von M.) January 2016 Special Thanks: Laura Krux & Stevie Zollo

Alex de Moller, Editor


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