ISSUE 70 | NEWYEAR, 2015
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What needs saying here? You've either been and bought this issue of Zero Tolerance, or rather wisely, you subscribe and your copy has landed through your letterbox - so in all honesty, I don't think I need to sell everything that's in this issue to you, do I? I hope not - you've got it now, so read it and everything it has to offer. Which by my estimation is A LOT!

It's those faces beneath this text say it all really: Abbath and our very own Tom Cole enjoying one another's company over a few drinks (Nb: if you're reading this online, you can't see the picture I'm referring to!).

You know, interviews can be a chore - for both interviewer and interviewee. It's not always the illuminating experience us journalists would like it to be - 'blood from a stone' is a frequent utterance between writers, it's the task of turning what are sometimes mere droplets into something that's truly worth your time - not everyone who makes music is great at talking about it. Which is why it's always a turn-up for the books when someone comes along and makes our lives that much easier. And by that I don't mean a travelling salesperson with some self-writing gadget to take the pain out of our literary efforts, I am of course referring to those individuals who are so naturally intriguing that translating an encounter into words becomes almost effortless. One such mortal is ex-Immortal mainman Abbath, whom we welcome to this edition of ZT with open arms. The cover is indicative that what was planned as a fairly lo-fi conversation for a news piece about his new band (named after himself - that's Abbath for those slow to catch on) evolved into so much more. Job done we reckon, and we hope you think so too.

This leaves me with just enough space to briefly point out that it was a real struggle fitting all the features on this page - as you'll notice if you guide your eyes to the right. There's all this to take in, plus a furious battle for the top spot in our Soundcheck, which you'll find in the reviews section. It's amazing to be able to say that this month we've all been happily overwhelmed by how much genuinely great stuff's out there to listen to now and for 2016 - and from that we've selected some highlights. But I did mention struggling to fit it all in didn't I, which is why you should also pay our website a visit as between writing this and you reading it, a sack-full of features and reviews that haven't made it into print will be making a long-overdue online appearance instead. Well, it is the season of goodwill, isn't it, so Happy New Year and we'll see you again in early February!

Lisa Macey, Editor


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