ISSUE 58 | APR/MAY, 2014
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The 1990s pretty much sucked. Aside from black metal and a couple scattered, quite-specific subgenres - like post-hardcore ('emo violence'?) and melodic death metal, both of which would devolve into self-parody even quicker than BM did - the '90s were a vast, barren wasteland as far as music & culture were concerned (oh, and a bit of Britpop: COME AT ME BRO). I can hear you cry afoul now: "What about death metal?" Yeah, well...what about it? At least from this perspective, from someone who, just a few years previous, was buying anything with an Earache or R/C logo on it, by 1993, death metal had become everything it originally sought to overthrow: complacent, predictable, slick, music for normal people. In short, it no longer felt revolutionary, and certainly not in the way that black metal did at that time.

Which is all a roundabout way of explaining how I came to At The Gates' Slaughter Of The Soul. I know most of you readers have heard this record; I'm willing to wager that the majority of same have it hotwired into your very (sub)conscious much like I have. When I first heard it, about a year after it was released - again, me and death metal weren't talking at the time - it felt absolutely revolutionary. And every successive spin proved that assertion time and time and time again. Trust me: my freshman year of university, I wore the shit outta the CD walking to class listening to it on my Discman (remember those?). It felt vital, alive, stripped of fat and excess and was bleeding and raw and, daresay, soulful. And it slaughtered - zing!

So, how will this issue's cover stars' comeback record sound? Who can say? But we can rest assured that that same vitality will figure prominently in its creation, as well as ATG's idiosyncratic back catalogue prior to Slaughter Of The Soul, not to mention the members' collective experience in a whole host of other, similarly-strapping bands. In any case, we felt there was no better time to investigate its genesis and the events leading up to it - just in time for festival season, too! Get reading, and then get out in the trenches. We'll see you there!

Nathan T. Birk, Editor


01. Agalloch - Celestial Effigy (Edit) 02. Morbus Chron - It Stretches In The Hollow (Edit) 03. Achren - The Eschatologist 04. Immortal Empire - Upon Winters Throne 05. Tortorum - Into The Sixth Coil 06. Gramary - [untitled secret track] 07. Abbildung - Fractal Reverse Side (Black Paper) 08. Aeons Confer - ESP 09. Twice The Trauma - Cancer Of The Decency 10. Tacit Fury - Lacerated, Strangled, Impaled 11. Killface - Disasters End 12. Hirax - Hellion Rising 13. Abinaya - Beaute Paienne (Edit) 14. Klogr - Draw Closer (Edit) 15. Swords Of Dis - The Dominance Of Pathos 16. Aeurtum - Uttered 17. Condor - No Pudo La Muerte Vencerme 18. Venusian Death Cell - Abandonned Race



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