ISSUE 55 | OCT/NOV, 2013
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Yep, that's the face of Alan 'Nemtheanga' Averill on our cover. Again. The man sure gets around. He's done more than a couple cover stories for us now, and when he's not busy doing that, he's got, y'know, a couple bands or something. I don't know their names, some underground stuff... Ahem. All kidding aside, you surely know his Primordial by now, and soon enough - if seeing their name on this issue's cover wasn't enough already - you'll be knowing the name Twilight Of The Gods. It's a 'supergroup' in nature simply because the players behind it are some serious dudes, but that's not the intention. No, the intention was squarely to stoke the fires of classic heavy metaldom on their debut album, the aptly titled Fire On The Mountain, and I, for one, hope that these lifers will help light a different kind of 'fire' under the asses of the youth. And even just a cursory spin through the record will confirm that my hopes are not unfounded.

Elsewhere, you've likely noticed that our contents this issue is absolutely PACKED to the gills with features. This was intentional; we love you. In another, more accurate sense, these two months are traditionaly a big release time, and we felt it our solemn duty to report on the best (and the rest) of what's currently dotting the extreme-music landscape. Likewise, you likely also noticed that both the Anger Burning and Power Lines sections are missing in action this issue. Don't fret, faithful readers: both sections will be back in full force next issue, stronger than ever.

Speaking of next issue, I cannot WAIT to reveal a super-special installment we'll doing then - and it slots well alongside an even-more-super-special cover story. Promise: we'll keep you warm in the winter. In the meantime, onward to a productive Samhain night and hail the November coming fire! Oh, and in case you didn't know, this issue marks our 9th anniversary. We're saving the fanfare to mark our decade in print in 2014...

Meantime, raise a fist to the past nine years of Zero Tolerance Magazine!

Nathan T. Birk, Editor


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