ISSUE 37 | SEP/OCT, 2010
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So here it is, the moment you've all not been waiting for: lil', old culter-than-thou Nathan T. Birk takes the reins of Zero Tolerance as Deputy Editor. Pigs fly, hells freezes over, all that... right?

Not exactly. In my five years with the magazine, transitioning from a staff writer to an assistant editor, I've learned the fine art of diplomacy. Quite often, much to my chagrin, I've had to swallow my pride and put aside my own (admittedly arbitrary) personal prejudices and start thinking in terms of what a greater number of people would potentially like to read rather than those six-or-so sad souls who'd otherwise want the mag to comprise nothing but BlackNuclearGoatSexFago or suchlike. But you know what? This is actually a publication I myself would purchase - and that's the honest truth. Between the editorial content and the graphic design, ZT has steadily and steadfastly come to embody the highest standards possible of what someone like me, who's been obsessed with music mags nearly as long as he's been obsessed with the music itself, would want to read 'n' see in a professional newsstand magazine. Interestingly, much has been said of ZT's 'fanzine-esque' quality, which we take as a compliment: every person involved in this publication strives to display the same sort of unswerving passion and hardnosed vigilance toward real, true, authentically underground extreme music as the best of the zine world, both past and present. And we're not about to stop - no fucking way. This issue, in fact, marks our sixth anniversary, and in fitting fashion we delve deeper into this whole subject of what defines the 'underground', turning our focus from the UK toward the global underground and its deepest, furthest-a-field trenches. Alex de Moller, a decorated staff writer of sterling 'n' erudite taste, joins me in those trenches as the new Assistant Editor, and frankly I can't think of a better partner in crime. In fact, the man reminds of a younger, hungrier me - which hopefully he takes as a compliment, harhar.

Lastly, I'd like to bid my fondest and most sincere adieus to Calum Harvie, who's grandly steered the good ship ZT through many a treacherous water. He's a brand-new father (for the second time!) and has decided to spend more time with his family and pursue other journalistic endeavours. I know I speak for the entire ZT staff when I say that you couldn't meet a nicer fellow nor someone with such a vast understanding of music. He has been an undeniable asset to the magazine, and surely this will be a different publication without him. Nevertheless, onward and downward... deeper into the underground now, friends and fiends!

Nathan T. Birk, Deputy Editor


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